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“Standardz” – Behind the Scenes


“Standardz” Is a wonderful side story showing a little more of the world of Mantecoza – this time perhaps a bit more through the eyes of our beloved bumbling villains the Goonz rather than the heroes.

Filmed between 6pm and 2am in downtown Glendale, AZ it was a night of fun and mischief (pixie mischief no doubt as our lights wanted to fade in ever shortening amounts of time it seemed).  But somehow between lighting difficulties, a rather large palo verde beetle (Though executive producer and creator of Mantecoza Sue Kaff tells it a bit differently.) and an endless parade of motorcycles and emergency vehicles “Standardz” made it to a finished product.

I managed to slip in some questions to the cast and crew about the filming and here are the results (though I’m not sure how seriously you want to take some of the answers!)

Doug Monce – Director of Photography for Mantecoza and Director of Standardz

What time did you film?

Got to the location about 4:30 in the afternoon. Wrapped around 2:15am if I remember correctly.

What was the most challenging part of the filming?

Making a 48 hour film, and moving in the same weekend. Oh and lighting with flashlights. Did I mention that there seemed to be a motorcycle convention going on while we were trying to get clean audio?

Tell us a funny story from the set.

I was going to tell the beetle story, but I’m sure everyone else is going to tell that one. So I’ll just give you little limerick. There once was a man from Nantucket……oh….perhaps you’ve heard this one.

Chris Michael Dennis – Goon #1

Tell us a little about your character:

Goon #1 is a top goon. Hence being made number 1. He is always being paired with goofs.

What was the most challenging part of the filming?

The fight was challengelling and quite fun. I really enjoyed channeling Bruce Lee.

What time did you film?

We filmed at night in Glendale and minus to prehistoric bugs, it was a typical shoot.

The funny story:

Katie really beat us up before shooting. She said she was a method actor. I limped for a week with a high pitched voice. Acting hurts. :((

Katherine Stewart – Lady Chenna Danbeau

Tell us a little about your character.

Lady Chenna is Mary Poppins if Mary Poppins had anger issues.

What was the most challenging part of the filming?

The temperature. We were all wearing Victorian clothes but we were not in London!

Anything else you would like to add?

Even though Standardz is supposed to be deadly serious we couldn’t stop laughing most of the night.

Susan Kaff – Executive Producer and Creator of Mantecoza

What was the inspiration for Standardz?

I wanted an amusing scene were the less than effective Goonz discuss standards.  Thought it was funny that such incompetent minions would feel superior.

What time did you film?

The wee hours of the morning.  Originally for a 48 hour festival.

Was this unusual for filming?

Only a little.  It’s Indie film baby!

Tell us a funny story from the set.

There was a six foot roach that charged me.  Fortunately I felt the urge just then to quickly scamper up a three step ladder, thus preventing mandible amputation of my legs.  Seriously.  We have pictures.

Is there anything you’d like to add?