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Mantecoza’s Trailer

Changing Email Newsletter server

Have been getting reports that our newsletter is not getting through.  We will be researching a new place to host them.

Thank you for your patience as we figure this out!

Stay tuned!

Geek News Network Interview with Suzy Almblade

If you haven’t seen it please check out this interview with our concept artist Suzy Almblade by Geek News Network!

Concept Art by Suzy Almblade

The Castle – Concept Art by Suzy Almblade

Slice of SciFi interview from Phoenix Comic Con 2012

Sam of Slice of SciFi interviews lead actor Toby Ambrose, Mantecoza Creator Sue Kaff and lead actress Katherine Stewart at Phoenix Comic Con 2012

Website Updates

We’ve been adding some new pages to our website and there will be more being updated in the next few weeks.

If you haven’t already check out our Thank You Page and our Gallery of The Wizard Tower filming.


Stay tuned also for upcoming announcements about events we’ll be attending in the near future!


Set 1



Stay Tuned

It’s been awhile since we said anything and that’s because we’ve been insanely busy!

Now that we have a moment to breathe it’s time to get insanely busy here on our blog and website.

Stay tuned for some updates and a parade of posts in the coming days!