Thank You

The Cast and Crew of Mantecoza would like to say a special thank you to all of the following for their support and generosity.

The Lovely Ladies of Shahrinaz

Bryan Miller

Wendy Trakes

Dee Astell

Hal Astell

Jimmy Garcia

Alice Baker

Anie Miles

Caylee Hoover

Chad Wheeler

Debbie Leeper

Elisia Simmons

Kevin Coughlin

Johnna Buttrick

Jenny Brundage

Kati Long

Kim Hutsell

Kimberly Maita

Kronos Jump

Ren Spidell

Marilyn Ostrow

Roxy Almblade

Sarah Eikner

Shelby McBride

Bob Nelson

Jonathan Simon

Hong Le

Chris Kurtz

Willard Watts

Joe Weirather

Natalie Winters

Mike J.

R. Steffen

W. Wilson

Jenn Lopez

Cathleen Eiseman

Leroy Timblin

Stephanie M.

Shannon Rankin

Adrian Hall

Diana Given

Rebecca Barber

Leslie Bradford

Shelly Brooks

T. Holt

Nathan Blackwell

Diane Dresback

Thomas McCarthy

Christen Bejar

Kelly Wilde

Raul C.

Jocelynn S.

Sean H.

Randy Lindsay

Robert N.

Chad Braker

Steve Fohey

Arlette Parra

Nepule Long

Brian Sheriff

Levi Elizaga

Anthony EID

Sara Hardy

Chayla Langley

Amira Ahmad

Hayley Woodward

Dustin Capp

Nathan Stipes

Paul Baba

Walter Buzby

David D’Champ

Shaun E. Cook

Kelley Grantham

Ryan Quackenbush

Tan Ngo

Ashley Rangel

Ivan Schellenberg

Ravit Solomon

Kelly Stone

Ronald Woollam

Mysterious Madam M.

Mysterious Mister L.

Mysterious Mister R.

Timothy Makofske

Jessie Miguel Gomez


The Empire of Chivalry and Steel

Rose Gates

Bill McMullins

JT Drews

Chris Stackey

Caleb Reischmann

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